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Hands on and strategic planning. Improving content, product, marketing and financial predictions.
Mentoring data science, data analysis, data engineering and BI teams. Patented machine learning concepts.

Mr. Greiner with undergrad and graduate degrees from UC Berkeley, and then as an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at the University of Southern California, has patented software concepts and collaboratively written peer reviewed articles.

See below for Search Modeling and Mining, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, ETL Business Analysis, Game Servers, Bioinformatics, Digital Signal Processing, Phone Switching, Power Plant Processing, Math Libraries, Secure Encryption, Embedded Systems, Middleware, Credit Card Processing, Factory Scheduling, Educational Training, Database Administation and other areas.

Search Modeling and Mining
Forecasting profit, revenue, cost, ad conversion rates and costs per click rates using Machine Learning, Time Series Trend Analysis, Spectral Analysis. Filtering. Forecasting. Seasonality. Created, trained and tested high speed blended classifiers using autoregressive moving averages as features, arbitrage and correctional feedback, to bid large keyword portfolios with low measures of error, yielding higher profit. Auction Engines. ARIMA Models. Clustered long tailed national and GEO-targeted keywords by match type, page rank, and other features for unsupervised learning and supervised learning. Feature selection. Novel boost strategies. Bid vs volume and vs cpc curves by date ranges for max likelihood profit estimation. Modeled performance on Google Adwords, Yahoo Search and MSN Bing Adcenter Search Engines. Judiciously dredged previously unprofitable keywords for limited second chances. Mined real time data for indicators of heavy short term losses, for automatic bid down. Day parting using variable lag time series predicting intraday request-landing, RPC and other cluster cycles.

Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing
Text and web data mining tools. Systems to automatically classify news content, advertisements and internet domains. Systems to match search engine queries against available ads. Multi-label Hierarchical Problems. Uncertain Labels and Weighted Classes. Bagging and boosting. Mistake-driven online learning. Taxonomy learning. Statistical analysis and reporting. Tokenizing different languages. Click data. Query logs. Cross validations on Beowulf clusters.

Bioinformatics Tools
Web suite of tools to analyze DNA and protein sequences. Gene Ontology Mining. Proteome Analysis. Random walk Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods. Bayesian Networks.

ETL and Business Analysis
OLAP, MOLAP, ROLAP and HOLAP warehouses. Extract transform and load. Business Intelligence, Data Schemas, Metadata. Patterns. Who buys what, when and where. JIT. Drill down, slice and dice.

Game Servers
Broadcast-Web Convergence. Poll and Game Servers. For News, Football, Studio Game Shows and Promotional Broadcasts. Generalized infrastructure for hot deploy, reconfiguration, failover and monitoring. Specific logic for NFL football with leaderboards. Reporting and statistical calculations of content and advertiser click activity. Load Anticipation. Multicasting.

Message queues, transaction monitors and heterogenous data gateways. CORBA. J2EE. EJB. LDAP. BEA Weblogic. HP Openview. Tuxedo. MQSeries. Oracle, Sybase, and SQL Server, and Object-Oriented DBs on Unix, Windows, Tandem and Macintosh. Multi-tiered. Client-server. Tomcat. Jakarta.

Stream Redirects
Music and video downloads. Windows and Linux clients. Stealthy redirects. Dynamic Packet filtering. Content dependent address translation. LDAP TCP and UDP.

Digital Signal Processing
Image and Radar Processing. Synthetic Aperature Radar interferometry station. Implemented cross power, equalization, digital noise removal and normalization. Government, commercial and research. Various wavelength spectra. Planetary radar. Radiometry and Geometry.

Math Library
Numerical Analysis. Accuracy and precision on non-standard arithmetic processors. Trigonometric, logarithmic and transcendentals. Arc hyperbolic cotangent.

Phone Switching
Telephone switch and billing services integration, with relational, multidimensional and object databases. Tuxedo, IBM MQSeries, HP OpenView, Tools.h++ and Template SNAP Workflow.

Factory Scheduling
Shop Floor Schedulers for Aircraft Manufacturing. Scheduling algorithms.

Credit Card Serving
Secure transaction for merchants, buyers, banks. Identity Theft Safeguards. Non-repudiation.

Power Plant
Government specs of allowed emissions from coal-fired power plants. Monitoring emissions and scrubber control. Chemical Analysis. Pollution Credits and Commerce. TVA Hydroelectric power control.

Financial Tickers
Track display and update stocks, futures, options, bonds and commodities.

Secure Encryption
Trust Models, Digital Certificates. Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption. Kerberos Authentication. RSA BSAFE.

Educational Training
Produced and packaged educational software to train California State Police.

Embedded Systems and APIs
RSA encryption tools, Linux Netfilter, Winsock SPI, QNX, pSOS+, RPC, Java, Macintosh CodeWarrior, AS/400 C, Rogue Wave.

Database Administration
Oracle, Objectivity, Sybase and SQL Server DBA.

And ...
Windows SDK, MFC, and DDK, HP UX, AIX, Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD, SCO Unix, Objectivity and Versant ODBMS, CyberCash, Pro*C, OCI, SQL*Net, DB Lib, Transact SQL, Terminal Server, DataDirector, Pascal, NetObjects, Mac Open Transport SDK, Template SNAP, Forte, Talarian. Flash MX. Ports between Unix, Microsoft and Macintosh. Device Drivers.

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